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Nurse Watch

This Nurse Watch is very intriguing. I didn't even know there was a separate watch for nurses. This design makes a lot of sense now. It costs Rs 300 around $6.

Get Ready With Us: NURSE STYLE!

Hey ya'll! So in todays video, Carly and Dara show you how they get ready for work at the hospital! They are both nurses, so this is their 5am morning routine!

Looking your BEST as a Nurse! Hello My fellow Youtube Nurses and Soon to Be Nurses! Thank you so much for watching my channel! Your views, shares, likes, emails ...

Nursing School | My Nursing Supplies for Clinical (Foundations)

My version of "What's in my clinical bag?" Hope you enjoy this video. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. PINK SUPPLIES: I got them from Amazon.

How to Change the Battery on a Nurse's Fob Watch

A step by step guide showing you how to change the battery on a nurses fob watch without the expense of visiting a jeweller. The job is not as difficult as you ...

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