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BEDDING | For Small Pets

BEDDING | For Small Pets Some tips for choosing bedding for your small pet. Based on personal experiences & some research. Yes, I am aware I had bedding ...

DIY Small Pet Bedding Tutorial! | PiggiePro123

This bedding is easy to make and great for any type of small animal from guinea pigs to bunnies, hamsters to rats. I hope you like this video! 😀 My personal ...

DIY: Carefresh, homemade small pet bedding

Hello everyone! Well it clearly has been too long!!!! I am so sorry to not have uploaded for a long time, so i decided that i would upload a video that i have already ...

NEW! Carefresh Natural Pet Bedding Test and Review - Small Animal

Pet bedding needs to be soft and safe for your small animal, and yet put up with a lot so you don't have to constantly be changing it. With that in mind, we are ...

Unexpected Use of Pet Bedding in the Garden!

This video is about Gardening with pine bedding.

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