Pantry Pest Trap

How to Get Rid of Moths with the Pantry Pest® Trap

Pantry moths can do a lot of damage inside your home. In this video, we show you how to get rid of moths in your house and take back your kitchen with the ...

Safer Pantry Pest Trap Attracts and traps male ...

Pantry Pest beetle and weevil trap setup

More Info and Ordering here: See how to set up our beetle and weevil trap.

Pantry Pest Trap - Black Flag

Wow! This Trap was placed in an out of sight out of mind place and boy does this work. No wonder I haven't seen a moth in my house.

ePest Solutions: Catchmaster Pantry Traps Product code: 1131 Food & Pantry Moth Traps Non-toxic, disposable, ready to use sticky glue ...

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