Luggage Zipper Repair Kit

How to Repair the Zipper On a Duffel bag

Whether the zipper teeth are separating, jammed, or the zipper slider is missing completely, you can replace the zipper slider without tools or sewing using ...

How to use a Dritz Clothing Zipper Repair Kit

Use the Dritz Clothing Zipper Repair Kit to replace broken or worn zipper sliders on jeans, jackets and coats. See more at, and don't forget ...

Instant Zipper Fix

Checkout Instant Zipper Fix Online! Save Time and Money—Fix Broken Zippers Yourself! Here's a fast, easy way to fix a broken zipper on a ...

FixnZip easy Zipper repair - Commercial

If your zipper is broken just replace the slider quickly without tools. munkees FixnZip repairs clothing, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, wetsuits, boat covers, ...

How to Fix Broken Zipper or Separating Zipper

How to fix broken zipper was pretty easy. I didn't have to throw away my nap sack because zipper broker.

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