Luggage Zipper Pulls Metal

Backpack pull tabs - simple and "easy-to-make" zipper pulls

Here's how to make simple and easy backpack pull tabs, and luggage pull tabs for your zippers from common cord/thin rope. Good for gloved hands, easy and ...

How to fix a zipper pull

This video shows you a few different ways to repair or replace a zipper pull using common items found around the house, like key-ring, string, paperclip, wire....

Putting Pulls on Metal Zipper Tape

Metal zipper tape is one-way tape meaning that the tab must be feed onto the tape from one end not both ends like coil zipper tape. I will show you how to ...

Zipper Pulls $ Saver

Hello again, This tutorial will show you that you may want to buy longer zippers and zipper pulls from the same manufacture and save $ . Don't have to be afraid ...

Luggage Zipper Restitching

Using traditional 2 needles hand stitching to repair zippers.

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