Furniture Zipper

How to Make a Box Cushion with a Zipper

This tutorial shows how to make a simple box cushion with a zipper. Replacing cushions on items like couches, chairs, and benches is a great way to update the ...

Upholstery How To install A Zipper For A Boxed Cushion Upholstery How To Make A Zipper For A Boxed Cushion Kimberley demonstrates her method for creating zippered boxing to ...

Zipper Closure on Throw Pillows - How to Make Throw Pillows How to construct a throw pillow with zipper closure. A throw pillow with a zipper makes it easy to ...

Fix a Zipper that Doesn't Close

Visit us at In this video I show how to fix a zipper that doesn't close correctly. Most of the time, this happens with bags and pouches.

Bench Cushion, Zipper Option

Add a zipper to a cushion instead of sewing it shut.

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