Furniture Zip Ties

Zip Tie Side Chair Prototype Build

Prototype build for the Zip Tie Side Chair to test stability, ergonomics, and aesthetics for an eventual CNC-ed version. Check out more at ...

Earthquake Preparedness - Smaller Furniture - Zip Ties [Part 44] This video is for education purpose only!

Zip Tie Side Chair Model Build

Time lapse + stop motion chronicle of my second model build for the Zip Tie Side Chair. This process helped me figure out the geometry for an eventual CNC-ed ...

Flat Pack Living Room

Assembly of the Zip Tie Lounge Chair and R Credenza. Download Zip Tie Lounge Chair cut file on OpenDesk here: ...

STUDI KREATIVITAS ITS - 3415100057 JOSHUA LUTHER T- Zipties Furniture

We have an Idea to create a furniture that only build with wood planks and cable ties for disaster victims. Why is it important? because to create a traditional ...

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