Cat Zodiac

Story of the Chinese Zodiac The story of the Chinese Zodiac is a classic legend. The Jade Emperor, ruler of the heavens decided to figure out a way for Chinese ...

Episode 9 - June News; Cat Zodiac

(Originally aired on June 22, 2015) [0:44] Things To Know - June News Roundup From Vietnam all the way to the Canadian Parliament: we've got notable ...

Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat- The Zodiac Zoo

Since the Chinese zodiac is all we know about, Nai-Nai and Mama Miao tell a story to Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa about the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Why Cat is missing from the Chinese Zodiac | 12 生肖里为什么没有猫

My first ever video letter to the Panda Cubs! (aka Panda Cub Storytime 001) *** To the students and teachers at Panda Cub Academy, hope this video letter finds ...

The Great Race - Chinese Zodiac | Folk Tale Time | A Cool School Folk Tale

An ancient folk story tells that Cat and Rat were the worst swimmers in the animal kingdom. To test this folk story, there was a The Great Race. Cats, rats ...

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