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Merino Wool - Amazing Fabric

In the past months I have switched most my clothing over to wool. Merino wool in particular. These fabrics are amazing year round, and excel over cotton and ...

Pros & Cons of Common Fabrics | Fibres & Fabrics Part 1

Hope you're ready for a lot of information! In this video I go through everyday and environmental pros and cons of materials you likely own or will see in stores.

Fabric Care Guide : Wool | How to care for Wool Clothing

Check out the fabric care guide : This is a visual how-to care guide for wool fabric. This video highlights how to take proper care of wool ...

Understanding Men's Suits - Wool Suit Fabric - Presented by

Presented by High quality men's suits are made from wool. Wool fabric has embedded itself in the apparel industry as a luxury fabric ...

Wool Hunting Pants | Wool Clothing Collection Romance

Wool hunting clothing cabela's . . . . . . $ Cabela's men's legacy superwash wool pants at cabela's cabela's men's legacy superwash wool pants. $. $. Here are ...

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