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Top 10 Free HD Kindle Fire Games

Top 10 Free HD Kindle Fire Games Looking for some HD games to show off the 1080p display of your new Kindle Fire HDX?

Kindle Fire HDX 7 Gaming Experience

We all know the Kindle Fire HDX can read books, magazines, and much more. But how does it perform when it comes to gaming? We take you through a simple ...

Kindle Fire HDX Gaming Review

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iPega PG 9028 Gamepad: Gaming Kindle/Fire OS!

Hey guys. Today I will be showing gaming with the iPega PG-9028 on my Kindle Fire HDX. I am glad that the controller works perfectly with the kindle. The only ...

Kindle Touch: Getting Games​​​ | H2TechVideos​​​

This is a video tutorial on how to get games on the kindle touch and also how a few of the games look too​​​ About H2TechVideos Looking for the latest and ...

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